I have been a long time fan of BuyVm products. I like their service, their support and their friendlyness. Unfortunately is not always easy to get your hands on the products that you want due to their limited stock. This website allows you to be notified by email whenever a stock for the product that you like has been published.


Is this website related to BuyVm?

This website is the result of the work of a BuyVm fan and it is not affiliated with the company behind BuyVm. However, I made sure that they would be cool with the idea behind this project.

How frequently is the website updated?

Currently every 2 minutes. This means that, as soon as the stock is published, you will have maximum two minutes delay before you receive an email in your inbox :)

I noticed that the link to buyvm are affiliates...

Well, yeah... I offer this service to everybody completely free of charge and I need to pay for hosting and emails. I think it is a nice and unintrusive way to get some money to keep me going no? :)

I have a question!

Write me at [email protected] :)